Education Savings Plans

Using your ESP is easy with Heritage's flexible maturity options

So your Education Savings Plan has matured. Now it's time to use your ESP by choosing one of the following options:

Scholarship Option
This Scholarship Option is recommended if your child plans to attend a full-time post-secondary or tertiary educational institution (minimum 2 years).

Self-Determined Option (Must be selected 60 days prior to Maturity.)
If your child chooses a shorter program or decides not to attend at all, you may choose the Self-Determined Option. If selected, you may withdraw your savings and interest earned, less fees, at any time after Maturity.

Minimum Passing Grades (Proof Required)
Scholarships are not awarded on the basis of exceptional grades. Students only need to maintain passing grades at any recognized post-secondary/tertiary institution and be enrolled at a post-secondary institution.

To learn more about using your ESP, contact us today, and congratulations on securing your child's education with a Heritage Education Savings Plan.