Heritage Education Funds International LLC responds to the changing needs of Subscribers and Beneficiaries by increasing the flexibility and expanding investment options of the Heritage International Scholarship Trust Plan

TORONTO, August 5, 2014 – Heritage Education Funds International today announced changes to better benefit Subscribers and Beneficiaries of their popular Heritage International Scholarship Trust Plan (the "Plan").

The Plan changes are to:

1) Simplify qualification requirements for payments to Beneficiaries, and

2) Expanding the investment policy parameters of the Plan.

Both changes were reviewed and approved by the Directors and Officers of the Heritage International Scholarship Trust Foundation. At a special meeting of Subscribers, held on August 5, 2014, a strong supporting vote by unit-holders in the Plan was in favour of the proposed changes.

The changes are intended to better meet the needs and expectations of Subscribers and Beneficiaries as they will provide greater access to funds for post-secondary/tertiary education and respond to the ever-evolving post-secondary education landscape across the globe. These changes will apply to Plans maturing on or after July 31, 2015.

"At Heritage Education Funds International we are all about planning for the future, so it is only fitting that we ourselves need to be prepared for our clients needs for tomorrow. We are incredibly proud to offer these enhancements to the Plan, which will better meet the needs of our clients and provide greater program choices, easier Educational Assistance Payments (EAPs) qualifications and enable more of our Beneficiaries to access funds for post-secondary or tertiary education", said Jason Maguire, President and Chief Executive Officer, Heritage Education Funds International. "Overall, these new benefits allow an increase in the flexibility of the Plan and we hope more families will take advantage of the many benefits the Plan has to offer."

An Education Savings Plan from Heritage can help your family prepare for your child's future. For more information, contact your local Heritage Sales Representative or our Home Office by email at CustomerCare@HeritageESP.com or by phone at 1.416.502.2500 or visit us at HeritageESP.com.


About Heritage Education Funds International

Heritage Education Funds International is one of the leading providers of Education Savings Plans (ESPs) and is the distributor of the Heritage International Scholarship Trust Plan. Heritage's objective is to encourage parents, grandparents and other interested adults to save for a child's post-secondary or tertiary education through a planned education savings program.


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