The most rewarding time of the year for Heritage is maturity season!


August 29, 2012- At Heritage Education Funds, the most exciting time of the year is always maturity season. It's the time when our nutured Education Savings Plan (ESPs) come into maturity to assist the excited first time university and college students, whose families have carefully been saving towards the moment.

This year has been nothing short of exciting, as we passed over a memorable maturity cheque to one of Jamaica's first plans and to someone close to our hearts.

When Lyndie Headly, Agency Director, opened the Heritage office in Jamaica in 1996, one of his first clients was Ian Myrie, who enrolled his son Alex for an ESP. Not long after Ian joined Heritage as a Sales Representative to assist other parents to save for their childen's future. This year Alex came to collect his maturity cheque as he prepares to leave home and attend Howard University. "It really gives me great joy to see Alex receiving his cheque and to know that I enrolled him 17 years ago, and his Dad became my first sales representative as a result" says Lyndie.

Alex is only one of the thousands of kids who will or have already received their Heritage cheque this year to attend university or college this fall. "It really 'pays' to save with Heritage" says Ian, who 17 years after opening an ESP is proudly sending off his son to university. "I've reflected on how far Heritage has grown from selling Annual Plans during very challenging times in Jamaica, to this current well oiled machinery that's making waves and giving parents and children alike the opportunities to realize their educational dreams." 

Heritage would like to congratulate Alex who is now pursing a Degree in Civil & Environmental Engineering, we are so proud to be able to assist you and all the other bright students who are challenging themselves with a higher education in pursuit for an exciting career.