Start saving early for tertiary education, Thwaites advises

Thursday, October 04, 2012

KINGSTON, Jamaica- Education Minister, Ronald Thwaites, is imploring parents to start saving early for their children's tertiary education.

He noted that as much as the government would like to, it simply cannot afford to provide tertiary financing to all students. "The state does not have an obligation and cannot assume an obligation to educate all of those who would wish to go on to the tertiary level. It simply is not possible," he stated.

Thwaites was addressing the 2012 International Excellence Awards for teachers in early childhood education held on Tuesday at the Terra Nova hotel in St Andrew. He stated that there are hundreds of Jamaicans, who have done well at the secondary level, but simply cannot go any further academically because of a lack of financing. He said it is therefore important for parents to realise the importance of investing in their children's education from as early as possible and “not to assume that anyone else is going to be able to pick up those costs".

The Education Minister also called on the private sector to increase its investment in tertiary education, pointing out that this is an area of great importance as it relates to the development of the country.

In the meantime, three teachers were recognised for their outstanding contributions to early childhood education. They are: Aldith Stephens from Esher Primary School in Lucea, Hanover; Terry-Ann Wellington from the Gwen Neil’s Basic School in Central Village, St Catherine; and Cloetha Walker, Hazard Primary in May Pen.

Collectively, the teachers have contributed about 40 years to education and continue to inspire students, under challenging situations.

The annual awards ceremony, organised by the Heritage Education Funds International, recognises teachers, who are making significant contributions to education, and are helping to raise the status of the teaching profession.

Heritage Education Funds, distributor of the Heritage International Scholarship Trust Plan, is dedicated to helping families around the world save for the cost of higher education.

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