Heritage Education Funds awards $10,000 scholarship to Bermudian graduate student

Bahamas, January 29, 2013- Heritage Education Funds International LLC is pleased to announce Bermudian Kamila Burgess as the recipient of a $10,000 scholarship for Heritage's 2012 International Graduate Award. This is the first time a Bermudian has won the award, which recognises the achievements and contributions of students who are pursuing education beyond the under-graduate level.

At the ceremony last evening at The Fairmount Hamilton Princess, President & Chief Executive Officer of Heritage Education Funds International, Jason Maguire, presented a cheque fo US$10,000 to Kamila's parent and sister who accepted the award on her behalf as she was unable to attend during her studies.

"I was shocked," said Kamila upon learning that she won the award. "I was very surprised at the outcome but pleased that I was chosen from the potential pool of international students eligible to apply for such a prestigious scholarship."

"I was happy to come to Bermuda to present this award to Kamila's family," said Mr. Maguire. "Each year the Graduate Awards acknowledge individual students who have an excellent academic record and have also contributed significantly to their family, community and social responsibilities. I congratulate Kamila on her achievements and I look forward to following her future successes."

In addition to the Graduate Award, Kamila is thankful to her parents for opening an Heritage ESP. "I had known about the Heritage Plan for many years. My mother had told me at a very young age that she and my father had taken the plan for me. With regard to funds for graduate studies my mother encouraged me to apply for scholarships. I conducted research and found information about the Heritage Scholarship Award on Facebook. I subsequently submitted my application for that scholarship and ma, obviously, very pleased with the outcome."

Heritage Education Funds International has been assisting Bermudian families save for their children's post-secondary education for over 40 years, and recognises their success has been due to the strong support and high regards for a post-secondary education Bermudians have culturally embraced.

2012 marked another year of Heritage's success in assisting families in Bermuda to secure a brighter future for their children. The company has seen an increase of 30 per cent over the previous year in the number of Bermudian children enrolled into Heritage International Scholarship Plan. More parents, grandparents and other interested sponsors are realising the nee to carefully put plans into place to provide their children with a much-needed post-secondary education, one of the tools necessary for a successful future.

"Heritage looks forward to 2013, where we anticipate another year of milestones since surpassing US$100 million in payouts to our international subscribers and children pursuing their post-secondary studies" said Mr. Maguire. "We have proudly paid out over $31 million in savings and educational assistance payments ("scholarships") in 2012, and continue to see a growing trend as more Bermudian families are seeking out a solution to paying for post-secondary education for their children and embracing our motto of start early and save often."

With the assistance of the Heritage International Scholarship Trust Plan, families can lessen the burden of expensive tuition fees by pre-planning and saving regularly. The flexibility of the Heritage Plan allows families to make monthly, annual or even lump sum payment towards an education savings plan, while taking advantage of the compounding interest. Heritage has encouraged new parents to start saving from birth, and continue to show results that a little goes a long way.

"We really believe and stand behind the safety and reliability out product", said Mr. Maguire. "We love to hear from our clients anout how their smart decision to invest early successfully gave their children the ability to have a brighter future."

Those interested in obtaining more information about Heritage Education Funds International and Education Savings Plans, please visit www.HeritageESP.com or contact:

Gerry M. Swan
Agency Director
Address: Washington Mall 1, 20 Church Street, Hamilton HM 11, Bermuda
Telephon: 441.296.8528
Email: Gerry_Swan@HeritageESP.com