Why choose Heritage Education Funds International as your Education Savings Plan solution?

When you subscribe to an Education Savings Plan with Heritage, your beneficiary will be sponsored by the non-profit Heritage International Scholarship Trust Foundation. Since your contributions to the Education Savings Plan is placed in U.S. dollar government-issued investments, your money is safe. Heritage also offers you a self-determined option on your Education Savings Plan which allows you to receive all of your own interest even if your child does not attend a tertiary educational institution. You may transfer your Education Savings Plan to another person of your choice up to 22 years of age.



Give your child the benefits of Education Assistance Payments

Educational Assistance Payments can be thought of as "scholarships" to any recognized or accredited tertiary educational institutions anywhere in the world. To secure your child's Education Assistance Payments, contact Heritage for a flexible long-term savings plan tailored to your individual financial situation.

Contact us today and secure your child's Education Assistance Payments with a Heritage Education Saving Plan (ESP).