Education Savings Plans

Know your rights and privileges as an Education Savings Plan (ESP) subscriber

As an Education Savings Plan ESP subscriber, your contributions to the ESP are guaranteed. Your money is invested in US dollar denominated government-guaranteed securities that earn a consistent and competitive rate of return. If your child decides not to go to university or college, then you will not lose your interest. You must elect our Self-Determined Option up to 60 days prior to the day your Plan matures. This option permits you to take your savings and the interest earned on your ESP at maturity.

How do I get started with a Heritage Education Savings Plan?

To start saving for your child's higher education with an Education Savings Plan, simply call your local Heritage office for an ESP expert. We will be happy to design a program based on your needs and financial circumstances. The Heritage International Scholarship Trust Plan is marketed by Heritage Education Funds International, which is a subsidiary of Heritage Financial Group Ltd., one of the largest providers of Education Saving Plans in the world.


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