Heritage Education Funds supports children in Bermuda pursue post-secondary education with payouts of US$31 million in Savings and Educational Assistance


Bermuda, September 22, 2012Heritage Education Funds International proudly congratulates this year’s students who are pursuing a post-secondary education, with the assistance of their Heritage International Scholarship Trust Plan. As a leading provider of Education Savings Plans in Bermuda for over 40 years, Heritage is an organization that is about delivering a safe and flexible solution for parents to assist their children in pursuing post-secondary education.

The costs associated with attending university or college are nothing less than steep, and for many children, the ability to access a post-secondary education is limited by their finances. At Pennsylvania State University, tuition has increased 21% over the last five years. A student attending a general Bachelors program can expect to pay US$10,500 annually for tuition fees, without accounting for the cost of living expenses. Therefore a four-year program, with the annual increase of roughly 4.2% a year, can exceed US$45,000 in four years. Many students are sadly unable to attain this level of education, not because of their own abilities, but rather due to financial barriers, so Heritage provides those families a means to save for this important time in their children’s lives.

When Lyndie Headly, Agency Director, opened the Heritage office in Jamaica in 1996, one of his first clients was Lois, who enrolled her son Alex for an ESP. Not long after Ian joined Heritage as a Sales representative to assist other parents to save for their childen's future. This year Alex came to collect his maturity cheque as he prepares to leave home and attend Howard University. "It really gives me great joy to see Alex receiving his cheque and to know that I enrolled him 17 years ago, and his Dad became my first sames representative as a result" says Lyndie.

A“We are very proud that Heritage has provided a savings solution for many Bermudian families wishing to assist their children with pursuing a post-secondary education” says Jason Maguire, President & Chief Executive Officer of Heritage Education Funds International. “The benefits of starting early, saving each month or on an annual basis, with a Heritage International Plan can relieve your family of the burden of barring debt in your child’s pursuit to higher education”. Mr. Maguire was also quick to highlight the flexibility of the Plan – “One of the most amazing features of the Heritage International Plan is that it allows the beneficiary to attend any recognized post-secondary education institution worldwide, which means your child can choose the career path of their choice, without limitations. The Heritage International Plan offers a great degree of flexibility as education solutions are designed around each subscriber’s suitability and affordability”." 

Heritage has continually provided subscribers with steady and impressive returns. Subscribers contributions are safely invested in US dollar denominated fixed-income and government-issued investments. The Heritage International Scholarship Trust Plan as at June 30, 2012 has provided 1, 3, 5 and 10-year returns of 7.19%, 6.32%, 6.88% and 8.52% respectively and to date, has paid out over US $31 million to Subscribers and students in Bermuda.

Heritage’s main focus has been, and will continue to be building a brighter future for Bermudian children. We would like to wish a successful year to all our students attending their first-year of college or university, and of course those returning this year to complete their studies. We are so proud to have been part of the solution in getting you there.

Those interested in obtaining more information about Heritage Education Funds International and Education Savings Plans, please visit www.HeritageESP.com or contact:

Gerry M. Swan
Agency Director
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Telephone: 441.296.8528
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