Students get over $3 million in funds

Bermuda - WEDNESDAY, OCT. 3 Heritage Education Funds has paid out over $3 million this year to students who are pursuing a post-secondary education.

The funds are through the students’ individual Heritage International Scholarship Trust Plans. Heritage paid out over $3.3 million in funds in 2011 and over $31 million since its inception in Bermuda over 40 years ago.

Jason Maguire, president and CEO of Heritage Education Funds International, said in a press release: “We are very proud that Heritage has provided a savings solution for many Bermudian families wishing to assist their children with pursuing a post-secondary education.

“The benefits of starting early, saving each month or on an annual basis, with a Heritage International Plan can relieve your family of the burden of bearing debt in your child’s pursuit of higher education”.

Mr Maguire said the plan was very flexible.

“One of the most amazing features of the Heritage International Plan is that it allows the beneficiary to attend any recognized post-secondary education institution worldwide, which means your child can choose the career path of their choice, without limitations. The Heritage International Plan offers a great degree of flexibility as education solutions are designed around each subscriber’s suitability and affordability”.

Subscribers contributions are invested in US dollar denominated fixed-income and government-issued investments. The Heritage International Scholarship Trust Plan as at June 30, 2012 has provided one, three, five and 10-year returns of 7.19 per cent, 6.32 per cent, 6.88 per cent and 8.52 per cent respectively and to date.

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