Building valuable affiliation for the safe-keeping of your child's Education Savings Plan

Heritage is backed by a strong network of affiliations with companies and organizations that have the power, products, resources and information that can help us manage your Education Savings Plan for your child's future education. Our affiliations include:


Butterfield Trust (Bermuda) Ltd.

(Scholarship Trustee)

Bank of N.T Butterfield & Son Ltd.

(Custodian & Depository)

  • Established in 1858

  • Network of over 600 international correspondent bank depositories and brokers around the world

  • Head Office located in Hamilton, Bermuda

Scotia Institutional Management, a division of 1832 Asset Management LP
AND Fiera Capital Corporation

(Portfolio Advisors)

Price Waterhouse Coopers


Wildeboer Dellelche, LLP

(Legal Counsel)


Contact us today and to learn how our network of affiliation helps keep your Education Savings Plan safe.