About ESP

Save for your child's tertiary education with an Education Savings Plan

An Education Savings Plan from Heritage Education Funds International is a safe and convenient way to ensure that money for your children's post-secondary/ tertiary education will be there when they need it. The Plan is administered by a non-profit Canadian Corporation, the Heritage International Scholarship Trust Foundation, which helps international families soften the financial burden of post-secondary/ tertiary education costs.

What are the advantages of a Heritage Education Savings Plan?

The advantages of a Heritage Education Savings Plan from Heritage Education Funds International include:

  • A higher return on investments.

  • The possibility of Educational Assistance Payments/Scholarships for your child at recognized tertiary educational institution anywhere in the world.

  • A self-completion feature* for death and disability of a subscriber, at no extra cost.

  • If you contribute monthly or annually, you may have a fully paid up plan by exercising your conversion privilege.

  • You may transfer your Scholarship Plan to any other child (Beneficiary), if both are under the age of 22 and no Scholarships have been made.

  • The Scholarship Option is automatically selected for your Plan, and is recommended if your child chooses to attend a full-time post-secondary/ tertiary education (minimum 2 years).

  • If your child chooses a shorter program or decides not to attend at all, you may choose the Self-Determined Option. If elected, you may withdraw your savings and interest at any time after the maturity date.

  • Scholarships are NOT awarded based on exceptional grades. Students only need to maintain passing grades at any recognized University, Community College, Religious College, or Technical Institute. All students will have the opportunity to pursue their own interests based on their own abilities AND choice.


To learn more contact us today and give your child the post-secondary/ tertiary education and brighter future he or she deserves with a Heritage Education Saving Plan.

*Some conditions apply. See prospectus for details.